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cccp - Calling Card Callback Platform#

Could be good for road warriors:

  • give a call to your customer (or even colleague) as if you are calling from your office, i.e. hide your private phone number behind your companie's internal/external CID;

  • relay long distance calls expences to your company instead of your own using callback and even retaining your own CID as an option;

And for business processes automation:

  • initiate calls over API which for example could help you organize multiple participants conference just in one click.

  • let us know about your very own use cases ...

Options: - activate/deactivate pin/cid (no need to delete it) - caller's CID based on configured user_id - retain initial caller's CID - concurent calls quantity contriol per user_id - announcement to a_leg callee on over API calls


  • phonebook user based | account based
  • ...