DNS configuration for smtp-to-fax#

generated addresses#

simple bind configuration for kazoo generated addresses. assuming that fax.kazoo.io is the domain configured for faxboxes.

$ORIGIN kazoo.io.
    MX  0 mail-01.kazoo.io.
        MX  0 mail-01.kazoo.io.
        TXT "v=spf1 mx ptr -all"
mail-01     A   x.x.x.x
mail-02     A   x.x.x.x
$ORIGIN fax.kazoo.io.
*           MX  5 mail-01.kazoo.io.
*           MX  5 mail-02.kazoo.io.

custom addresses#

When a user customizes the SMTP address of the faxbox, the user must also add a DNS entry to the domain. For example, if the user configured the SMTP address to be myfax.mydomain.tld, then the user would have to add the following DNS entry:

$ORIGIN mydomain.tld.
myfax       CNAME   kazoo.io.

if user has many faxboxes he can also add wildcards

$ORIGIN fax.mydomain.tld.
*           CNAME   kazoo.io.
  • Important : add SPF policy to dns to prevent email address spoofing

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