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monster.ui.countrySelector($target[, args]);


Key Description Type Default Required
$target jQuery object that references a <select> element on which the list will be rendered. jQuery true
args Additional arguments to initialize the selector. Object(#args) false


Key Description Type Default Required
selectedValues One or more country codes that will be selected on load. String|Array [] false
options Configuration options for this helper. Object(#options) false


The helper options supports the ones available for the jQuery Chosen plugin, as well as a custom option named showEmptyOption. This parameter is a boolean which indicates whether to add an empty item to the choices list. Having this empty option allows the control to have an empty state.

Return value#

An object representing the jQuery Chosen instance that manages the list of countries.


  • "$target" is not a jQuery object: $target is not a jQuery element
  • "$target" is not a select input: $target does not reference a <select> HTML element
  • "args" is not a plain object: args is defined but not a plain object
  • "args.selectedValues" is not a string nor an array: args.selectedValues is defined but not a string neither an array
  • "args.options" is not a plain object: args.options is defined but not a plain object


This helper will transform a select input field into a list of selectable countries. It makes use of the monster.ui.chosen() helper under the hood, to make it easier for the user to search and select countries.