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args is a Object parameter with the following properties:

Key Description Type Default Required
id Symbol ID of the icon to be rendered. String true
attributes List of key/value corresponding to HTML attributes set on the SVG tag. Object false

Return value#

A String representing the SVG icon template.


  • "args" is not a plain object: args is not a plain JavaScript object
  • "id" is not a string: id is not a String value
  • "attributes" is not a plain object: attributes is not a plain JavaScript object


The monster.ui.getSvgIconTemplate() method allows you to get a template to render an SVG icon simply by specifying the ID of the icon, and optionally any attributes to be added to the SVG class.

These attributes should be provided as a plain Javascript object, where each key correspond to the attribute name, and the value to the attribute's value. It is worth to mention that the value should be of type String to be rendered properly; otherwise, an unexpected value may be assigned to the attribute.

The class svg-icon is set by default, along with a class that matches the icon ID prefix. If a class attribute is provided, these classes are appended to its collection, if they are not present already.


Get a template for a specific SVG icon:#

monster.ui.getSvgIconTemplate({ id: 'telicon2--phone-outbound' });
// output: <svg class="svg-icon telicon2"><use xlink:href="#telicon2--phone-outbound" ⁄></svg>

Get a template, applying custom CSS classes:#

  id: 'g-drive--color',
  attributes: {
    'class': 'my-icon-class icon-large',
    'data-tooltip': 'Click here',
    disabled: "true"
// output: <svg class="my-icon-class icon-large svg-icon g-drive" data-tooltip="Click here" disabled="true"><use xlink:href="#g-drive--color" ⁄></svg>