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The monster.ui.loadTab() method programmatically loads the navbar tab corresponding to the tab ID passed as argument.


monster.ui.loadTab(thisArg, id);


Key Description Type Default Required
thisArg Context of the app invoking the helper. Object true
id Unique ID referencing a navbar tab of the app. String true


This helper is used to virtually trigger a click on a navbar tab so that the callback related to that tab is called. It is powerful in a sense that all the navbar animations are performed accordingly and also take into account if that tab has a onClick bypass callback.

The utility of this helper can be found when a user performs an action that need to load content located in another tab.


Load the content of another tab#

function render() {
  monster.ui.generateLayout(app, {
    menus: [{
      tabs: [{
        id: 'devices',
        title: 'List Devices',
        callback: renderListDevices
      }, {
        id: 'users',
        title: 'List Users',
        callback: renderListUsers

function renderListDevices() {
  monster.ui.loadTab(app, 'users');

function renderListUsers() {
  monster.ui.loadTab(app, 'devices');
Specify an id when declaring the tabs in render() function. This example is just an easy way to show how the helper works and does not have a real purpose.