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monster.ui.numberPicker($target[, options]);


Key Description Type Default Required
$target Input element on which the method will be applied. jQuery true
options List of options for jQuery UI Spinner Widget. Object false
options.change Callback on value change (note that this function will not override the widget's behavior to exclude invalid values, but can be used to retrieve the new value). Function false


This helper will transform an input field into a number picker, using the jQuery UI Spinner Widget.

However, compared to the default widget setup, this control won't allow to be left empty, nor to enter non-numeric or out of range values (if min and max parameters were provided for the latter). This validation is performed through an internal handler for the widget's change event.


Create a number picker with a max and min limits#

var $target = $('#quantity');
var options = {
  min: 10,
  max: 50

monster.ui.numberPicker($target, options);