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The monster.ui.codecSelector() method generates a selector for audio/video codecs.


monster.ui.codecSelector([type, target, selectedItems]);


type: audio| video String (mandatory)#

Setting the codecSelector to audio will give the user a list of Audio Codecs to choose from: - 'OPUS' - 'CELT@32000h' - 'G7221@32000h' - 'G7221@16000h' - 'G722' - 'speex@32000h' - 'speex@16000h' - 'PCMU' - 'PCMA' - 'G729' - 'GSM' - 'CELT@48000h' - 'CELT@64000h'

Setting the codecSelector to video will give the user a list of Audio Codecs to choose from: - 'VP8' - 'H261' - 'H263' - 'H264'

target: jQuery object (mandatory)#

For the target, you can set it to any jQuery container where the selector will be painted.

selectedItems: Array (optional)#

Finally for the selectedItems, you can set an Array of the items you would like to have selected by the defaults in the selector. Example for an audio codecSelector, you could call it with : monster.ui.codecSelector('audio', target, ['PCMU', 'G729']);


This method returns the generated widget as a jQuery object.

This item also has an additional method, named getSelectedItems, used to get the list of selected items in the selector.


var obj = monster.ui.codecSelector('audio', target, ['PCMU', 'G729']);
obj.getSelectedItems(); // Would return => ['PCMU', 'G729']


This helper generates two columns, a list on the left of available codecs to choose from, and a list of selected codecs on the right. We use this helper everywhere we need to select codecs. You can find it in the SmartPBX or the PBX Connector for examples!


  • Create a selector in a template, and get the list of selected codecs when clicking a button
    var template = $(monster.template(self, 'dialog-example')),
        codecSelector = monster.ui.codecSelector('audio', template, ['PCMU','PCMA','G7221@32000h','G722']);
    template.find('.save').on('click', function() {
        var selectedCodecs = codecSelector.getSelectedItems();

Image showing a simple Monster-UI Codec Selector

The method only generates the part inside the red rectangle in the picture above.