pusher app allows kazoo to send a push message to a device when the device is the target of a bridge call and is not registered, so that the device can "wake up", register and receive the call.

pusher listens for reg_success messages, checks if the user-agent supports push messages and updates the endpoint_id with a pusher object used in the construction of a failover endpoint for that device.

freeswitch will send the failover to kamailio, kamailio uses kazoo_query to call pusher to send the real push message, waits for the registration and then completes the call.


System Config

  • modules : list of modules to load on app start.
"modules": [

  • User-Agents: list of user agents to check for pusher properties.
 "User-Agents": {
       "Linphone": {
           "regex": "^Linphone",
           "properties": {
               "Token-App": "app-id",
               "Token-Type": "pn-type",
               "Token-ID": "pn-tok"


in order for the push services from apple / google to work they need to be configured with application secrets / certificates. the app used in the push message is taken from Token-App.

  • sup pusher_maintenance add_google_app(AppId, Secret)
  • sup pusher_maintenance add_apple_app(AppId, CertFile)

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