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Object (JSON Object) change events#

Triggers when objects (like JSON document objects) of certain types in Kazoo are changed.


  • Event name: object
  • Friendly name: Object


To restrict the kind of document or the action or both, you can set the custom data to:

  • type: A list of object types to handle:
    • account
    • call_recording
    • callflow
    • device
    • fax
    • faxbox
    • mailbox_message
    • media
    • user
    • vmbox
  • action: A list of object actions to handle:
    • doc_created
    • doc_deleted
    • doc_edited


type and action fields reflect the selected modifiers above:

    "id": "c4c0ad092e57bc1d28e69bbd20dad932",
    "account_id": "0e10f9365fb2383d0fa65e907bfe4cb3",
    "action": "doc_created",
    "type": "user"