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Kazoo is a sophisticated piece of software that allows for large-scale clustering across a WAN. While it is intended to be simple, at times, it can have a high learning curve.

Required Skills#

You should seriously consider whether you're ready to undertake deploying and managing the entire infrastructure from the start. We now recommend starting with our hosted platform. You can always move to your own software and equipment at any time, without losing data or incurring downtime.

There are two main areas you are going to need to learn when you dive into Kazoo: 1. How to Setup Customers * via the GUIs * via the APIs 2. How to Manage the Back-end * FreeSWITCH * BigCouch * Kamailio * Kazoo * eCallMgr * RabbitMQ 3. Client DNS Mapping

The Kazoo UI & APIs may take you a few weeks to become familiar with. The back-end will probably take a bit longer.

We've structured things so you can start out on our hosted platform. It's inexpensive and it lets you get to know the system prior to diving into the deep end and trying to run it all yourself. There's enough to learn in the system as-is! You can customize the entire experience for your customers while using our hardened hosted system and you can move your customers seamlessly when you are ready to manage your own infrastructure.

Required Knowledge and Facilities#

Consider Hosting With Us

If you're truly ready to dive into running your own cluster, please be sure you understand what's involved. You must:

Have a highly reliable datacenter with extremely consistent network connectivity. Too many people make the mistake of assuming - "I've used them for web hosting for years" - this isn't web hosting! Phone calls require uninterrupted connectivity.

Have a good understanding of Linux, including debugging firewall and network connectivity

Have some understanding of databases and database clusters

Helpful to have at least played with BigCouch, Erlang, FreeSWITCH and/or Kamailio a little

If you can genuinely meet all the requirements above, the sky is the limit on what you can build! Enjoy.