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Monster UI Application Development#

Required Softwares:

  • Node >= 4.5.0 (from their website)
  • NPM >= 3.10.6 (npm install -g npm)
  • GULP >= 3.9.1 (npm install -g gulp)

After cloning a fresh repo, you'll want to run

  • npm install

which will initialize all the node dependencies for gulp

Once that's done, you can just run

  • gulp

which will build the website, build the css files from scss files and serve it to a webbrowser.

If you are using Docker, this will setup a local dev server:


If you install all the separate apps via GIT as submodules in the /monster-ui/src/apps folder and then run gulp build-prod, all the apps code (JS/HTML/CSS) will be concatenated together and minified

Reach us at #2600hz for Feedback

Build Pro version

Some apps might have a pro version. If that's the case, and you want to build it with the "pro" assets you need to specify the name of the app in the pro flag.

gulp build-prod --pro=test1,test2,test3

Build Pro version app level

gulp build-prod

with core only, then add the app repo to /apps and

gulp-build-app --app=test1 --pro