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The .gitignore file of Monster UI only specifies untracked directories related to the project itself, which are:

  • directories created/deleted during the build process (tmp/, dist/, distRequire/)
  • dependency directories (node_modules/)
  • any none core app directory (src/apps/* minus core apps)

Because we cannot possibly know all combinations of operating system/text editor/IDE you are using, we leave it to you to exclude which files/directories are specific to your environment.

Nowadays, this task is trivial and made really simple by using two different tools: .gitignore_global &


The idea here is, instead of polluting every projects' .gitignore files with environment specific exclusion rules, let each user define locally on their machine which ones are relevant to their environment once and for all.

This way, only project specific exclusion rules are stored in the .gitignore!

Check out the documentation to understand how to tell git to look for that file.

But how could you possibly know every files and directories generated by your environment, that sounds impossible! Enter that allows you to generate a custom exclusion list tailored to your environment. This tool is accessible in two different flavors:

Once your exclusion list is generated, paste it into your .gitignore_global file and you are done!