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Using a Common Control#

Common Controls are functionalities that are included natively into Monster UI and can be accessed through all applications independently of which of them are already installed. Common Controls are pieces of code that usually have one purpose (for example, display the account's hierarchy in a drop-down) and could be used in several applications.

Folder Structure#

The Common Controls are located in the monster-ui/apps/common/submodules folder. Each one of them contains a JavaScript file and a CSS file specific to this Common Control.For the internationalization, the files are in the monster-ui/apps/common/i18n and are common to all Common Controls. The views are in the monster-ui/apps/common/views folder and follow this naming convention: {COMMON_CONTROL}-{VIEW} in CamelCase (example: accountDowpdown-listLayout). The app.js and app.css located in the monster-ui/apps/common folder 'enable' the Common Controls. The first file list all active controls in the submodules array contained in the app object. The second file import the CSS file relative to each Common Controls.

Subscribe to a Common Control#

To make it possible to an application to subscribe to a Common Control, follow the steps described in the sub/pub documentation.

Publish a Common Control#

To publish a Common Control in an application, follow the steps described in the sub/pub documentation.