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SVG Icons in Monster-UI#

Monster UI includes 4 SVG icon collections:

Google Drive Logos#

  • g-drive--color: Full color
  • g-drive--color-reverse: Color reversed (white text)
  • g-drive--grey: Grey

AWS Logos#

  • aws--color: Full color
  • aws--color-reverse: Color reversed (white text)
  • aws--grey: Grey

SSO Brand Icons#

  • sso-google--color: Google color
  • sso-google--grey: Google grey
  • sso-office365--color: Office365 color
  • sso-office365--grey: Office365 grey
  • sso-salesforce--color: Salesforce color
  • sso-salesforce--grey: Salesforce grey
  • sso-linkedin--color: LinkedIn color
  • sso-linkedin--grey: LinkedIn grey

Telicon Icons v2#

A third party SVG icon system for Monster UI. The list of icons is available on the official website. To use these icons in Monster UI, you can use the dedicated telicon Handlebars helper: {{telicon "phone-outbound"}}