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About Device#

Bridge the caller to a device


Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
can_call_self Toggle whether devices of the same owner can call each other boolean() false supported
can_text_self Toggle whether devices of the same owner can text each other boolean() false alpha
custom_sip_headers KV Object where the name is the SIP header and the value is the SIP field object() false
delay How long to delay ringing the device, in seconds integer() 0 false
dial_strategy Dial strategy for the device string('simultaneous' | 'single') simultaneous false
id Device ID string() false
skip_module When set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any) boolean() false
static_invite Override the SIP Username string() false
suppress_clid Suppress sending caller ID boolean() false
timeout Time, in seconds, to wait for device to bridge integer() 0 false