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Group Pickup#

About Group Pickup#

Pickup a call in the group/user/device configured.


Validator for the group_pickup callflow data object

Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
approved_device_id Restrict calling device to Device string() false
approved_group_id Restrict calling device to Group string() false
approved_user_id Restrict calling device to User string() false
device_id Device to pickup string() false
group_id Group in which to find a call to pickup string() false
skip_module When set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any) boolean() false
user_id User in which to find a call to pickup string() false


When a device is ringing in the office but no one is able to pick it up, it can be helpful to let others pick up the ringing line from their phone (versus hopping over desks and chairs, attempting to catch the call before it stops ringing).

Which devices are checked#

The first thing to decide is the scope of the pickup group - it can be a single device, a user's device(s), or a group's device(s). You define the appropriate device_id, user_id or group_id in the action's data.


Preference is given to the most restrictive option if more than one are defined - so device_id is used before user_id is used before group_id.

Which devices can pickup ringing calls#

It might not always be preferred to have anyone in the office able to call the group_pickup callflow. You can restrict the device, user, or group of users/devices who can utilize the callflow by defining the appropriate approved_* field (following similar preference which is used if multiple exist in the action's data).


Define a callflow with extension 8000 that allows the sales group's lines to be picked up by the sales group's devices:


The group_pickup action is a terminal one; no children will be evaluated and can be omitted.