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Page Group

Page Group#

About Page Group#

Creates a page group from devices/users/groups


Validator for the page_group callflow data object

Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
audio What kind of audio for the group members string('one-way' | 'two-way') one-way true
barge_calls Should the Endpoint be interrupted by this call boolean() false
endpoints.[].delay How long to delay ringing the endpoint, in seconds integer() 0 false
endpoints.[].endpoint_type The type (device, user, etc) of endpoint string('device' | 'user' | 'group') true
endpoints.[].id The ID of the endpoint string(1..128) true
endpoints.[].timeout How long to ring the endpoint, in seconds integer() 20 false
endpoints.[].weight Weight of endpoint, different usage in various strategies integer() false
endpoints Endpoint IDs (devices, users, etc) included in the ring group array(object()) true
skip_module When set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any) boolean() false
timeout How long to ring the ring group before continuing, in seconds integer() 5 false