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Ring Group

Ring Group#

About Ring Group#

Ring group callflow element allows calling multiple endpoints with given strategy and timeout.


Validator for the Ring Group callflow element

Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
endpoints.[].delay How long to delay ringing the endpoint, in seconds integer() 0 false
endpoints.[].endpoint_type The type (device, user, etc) of endpoint string('device' | 'user' | 'group') true
endpoints.[].id The ID of the endpoint string(1..128) true
endpoints.[].timeout How long to ring the endpoint, in seconds integer() 20 false
endpoints.[].weight Weight of endpoint, different usage in various strategies integer() false
endpoints Endpoint IDs (devices, users, etc) included in the ring group array(object()) true
fail_on_single_reject If any leg rejects the call, cancel all other legs boolean() false
ignore_forward If true, will ignore SIP redirect requests for call-forwarded devices boolean() true false
repeats How many times to retry the ring group integer() 1 false
ringback Ringback to use string() false
ringtones.external Ring tone for calls from external sources string() false
ringtones.internal Ring tone for calls from external sources string() false
ringtones object() false
skip_module When set to true this callflow action is skipped, advancing to the wildcard branch (if any) boolean() false
strategy How to ring the members of the group string('simultaneous' | 'single' | 'weighted_random') simultaneous false
timeout How long to ring the ring group before continuing, in seconds integer() 20 false


There are three strategies that can be chosen:

  • single - ring one endpoint after another
  • simultaneous - ring all endpoints at the same time (default)
  • weighted_random - randomize the list of endpoints, then use single strategy


Endpoints can be: * device - a single device will be added to the ring group * user - all devices of the user will be added to the ring group * group - all devices of a group will be added to the ring group

Once all the endpoints have been resolved, the strategy will be applied to the resulting list of devices and the ring group will be executed.