Ring group callflow element allows calling multiple endpoints with given strategy and timeout.

Example of data payload

"data": {
    "endpoints": [...]
    ,"strategy": "{STRATEGY}"
    ,"timeout": {SECONDS}
    ,"repeats": {REPEAT}
    ,"ringback": "{RINGBACK}"
    ,"ignore_forward": boolean()

Mandatory fields

endpoints - array of endpoints (see below)

Optional fields

  • {STRATEGY}: default is simultaneous
    • single - ring one endpoint after another
    • simultaneous - ring all endpoints at the same time
    • weighted_random - randomize the list of endpoints, then use single strategy
  • {TIMEOUT} - time to call the endpoint before moving further, default is 20
  • {REPEAT} - number of repeats (rounds) this group will be called, default is 1
  • {RINGBACK} - ringback to use, if any
  • {IGNORE_FORWARD} - Whether to ignore forwarded endpoints, defaults to true

Endpoint format


{"id": "{ENDPOINT_ID}"
 ,"endpoint_type": "{ENDPOINT_TYPE}"
 ,"weight": {WEIGHT}
 ,"timeout": {TIMEOUT}
 ,"delay": {DELAY}

Mandatory fields

id: Endpoint ID

Optional fields

  • {ENDPOINT_TYPE}: default is device
    • device
    • user
    • group
  • {WEIGHT} - integer from 1 to 100, used by weighted_random strategy
  • {TIMEOUT} - timeout to call the given endpoint, default is 20
  • {DELAY} - delay before this endpoint is called, default is 0

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