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Temporal Routes (Time of Day)

Temporal Route#

About Temporal Route#

Branch the callflow based on the current date and time when compared to the temporal rule(s) associated with the action.


Validator for the temporal_route callflow data object

Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
action What action to perform string('menu' | 'enable' | 'disable' | 'reset') false
interdigit_timeout How long, in milliseconds, to wait for the next keypress integer() false
rule_set ID of the rule set string() false
rules.[] string() false
rules List of rule IDs to use array(string()) [] false
timezone Timezone to use when processing temporal rules string() false

Rule Set#

To use a Rule Set in a callflow:

  1. Create your temporal_route module and add the rule_set field to the data payload. The rule_set should be the ID of the document.
  2. Set your first children to be the catch all (using _ for the key).
  3. Set the second one using rule_set.

If one (or more) of the rule in the rule set is satisfied it will got to the children using the rule_set key. If not to the catch all.