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This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.



About Move#

When a user is talking on one of their endpoints (say their Kazoo Mobile phone) and they move locations to have access to their IP Desk phone, it is helpful to move the call from the mobile phone to the deskphone with the other party unaware of the change.


Move a call from one device to another

Key Description Type Default Required
auto_answer Whether to auto-answer the new leg boolean() false false
can_call_self Can intercept devices of the same targeted user boolean() true false
device_id Move the call to a specific device string() false
dial_strategy How to ring the endpoints, if multiple string() simultaneous false
owner_id User ID to use for finding endpoints string() false

How It Works#

Alice is talking with Bob on her mobile phone while she walks to the office. Once she sits down, it is more convenient to transfer the call to her desk phone, but Alice doesn't want to pause the conversation. Instead, she invokes her Konami Move key sequence. Her desk phone starts ringing, and once she answers the desk phone, the call with Bob is immediately available (and her mobile phone has hung up).

Configure the metaflow#

The move module should be placed under the "numbers" key in the "metaflows" object.

owner_id optional. If not set it will use device owner id.