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Record call

Record Call#

About Record Call#


Start a call recording

Key Description Type Default Required
action Whether to start/stop the recording string('start' | 'stop' | 'toggle') toggle false
format What format to store the recording string('mp3' | 'wav') false
label Add a custom label to the recording string() false
media_name Name of the recording file string() false
method HTTP method if using an HTTP destination string('put' | 'post') false
origin Track how the recording was started string() false
record_min_sec Minimum number of seconds recorded to consider it a valid recording integer() false
record_on_answer Whether to start recording when the leg is answered boolean() false false
record_on_bridge Whether to start recording when the leg is bridged boolean() false false
record_sample_rate Sampling rate for the recording integer() 8000 false
time_limit How long to allow the recording, in seconds integer() false
url HTTP URL to send the finished recording string() false