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About Say#


Say the provided text

Key Description Type Default Required
gender The gender of the voice to say the text string('feminine' | 'masculine' | 'neuter') false
language Language of the text string() false
method Toggle the way the text is read to the caller string('pronounced' | 'iterated' | 'counted') false
text The text to say to the caller string() false
type The type of text to say string('account_number' | 'currency' | 'current_date' | 'current_date_time' | 'current_time' | 'email_address' | 'ip_address' | 'items' | 'messages' | 'name_phonetic' | 'name_spelled' | 'number' | 'persons' | 'postal_address' | 'short_date_time' | 'telephone_extension' | 'telephone_number' | 'time_measurement' | 'url') false