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Account API Authentication#

Use your account's API token to instruct Crossbar to create an authentication token to be used on subsequent requests requiring authentication.

Getting your API key from the API:#

Use Account API to get API key for your account:


Must already authenticated as a user.

curl -v -X GET \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: {AUTH_TOKEN}" \


Provides an auth-token via an Account API key

Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
api_key The Accounts API key string(64) true


PUT /v2/api_auth


  • {AUTH_TOKEN}: this is your authentication token to include in future requests
  • {ACCOUNT_ID}: your account's ID, useful for constructing URIs
  • {OWNER_ID}: the user's ID of the owner of the credentials used to generate this token
  • {RESELLER_ID}: this account's reseller account ID, if any.
  • {REQUEST_ID}: useful for debugging requests on your installation
curl -v -X PUT \
    -d '{"data": {"api_key":"{API_KEY}"} }' \
    "auth_token": "{AUTH_TOKEN}",
    "data": {
        "account_id": "{ACCOUNT_ID}",
        "apps": [...],
        "is_reseller": true,
        "language": "en-US",
        "owner_id": "{OWNER_ID}",
        "reseller_id": "{RESELLER_ID}",
    "request_id": "{REQUEST_ID}",
    "revision": "{REVISION}",
    "status": "success"