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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.


Crossbar Configuration#

System Configs#

The following table outlines the configs that can be found in the system_config database, crossbar document:

Key Type Default Description
api_auth_tokens integer() 35 Default token cost of creating an auth token via API key
autoload_modules list(string()) See here The list of Crossbar modules initially started
cache_ttl integer() 300 Cache TTL, in seconds
cleanup_timer integer() 86400 Time, in seconds, to run the cleanup routines
compress_response_body boolean() true Whether to compress the response body before sending
default_allow_anonymous_quickcalls boolean() true Whether to allow unauthenticated quickcall API requests
default_language string() en-US The default language, if none are defined on the account
magic_path_patterns list(string()) See here Magic path templates
max_upload_size integer() 8000000 bytes (8Mb) Max upload size for request bodies
maximum_range integer() 2682000 Maximum range, in seconds, for time-based view queries
pagination_page_size integer() 50 Default page size when paginating
port integer() 8000 Port to listen for unencrypted traffic
pretty_metrics boolean() true Pretty-print metrics in logs
request_timeout_ms integer() 10000 Time, in milliseconds, for requests to timeout
reset_id_size integer() 250 Password-reset ID length
schema_strict_validation boolean() false Toggles whether to perform type conversions on client data when validating
soft_delete_pause_ms integer() 10000 Time, in milliseconds, to pause between deletions
ssl_ca_cert string() undefined Path to CA cert file
ssl_cert string() /path/to/crossbar/priv/ssl/crossbar.crt Path to cert file
ssl_key string() /path/to/crossbar/priv/ssl/crossbar.key Path to key file
ssl_password string() "" Cert password
ssl_port integer() 8443 Port to listen for SSL traffic
ssl_workers integer() 100 Number of SSL listeners to start
token_costs integer() 1 Default token cost of an API request
trace_path string() /tmp Path to put trace files when profiling API requests
use_plaintext boolean() true Whether to start unencrypted listener (port 8000 traffic, typically)
use_ssl boolean() false Whether to start an SSL listener
user_auth_tokens integer() 35 Default token cost of creating an auth token via username
workers integer() 100 Number of TCP listeners to start

Additional Configs#

Some modules use the crossbar namespace to create a specific system_config document for settings as well.