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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

Multi-part Request#

Some APIs support sending a multi part request, such as outgoing faxes.

Sending Multi-part Outgoing Faxes Request#

With multi part you can create an outgoing fax request and upload the document to fax (e.g.: a PDF file) at the same time.

Create a JSON file for the outgoing fax options

    "data": {
        "retries": 3,
        "from_name": "Fax Sender",
        "from_number": "{FROM_NUMBER}",
        "to_name": "Fax Recipient",
        "to_number": "{TO_NUMBER}",
        "fax_identity_number": "{ID_NUMBER}",
        "fax_identity_name": "Fax Header"

Execute the cURL request

curl -v -X PUT -i \
    -H 'X-Auth-Token: {AUTH_TOKEN}' \
    -H "Content-Type: multipart/mixed" \
    -F "content=@{FILE.json}; type=application/json" \
    -F "content=@{FILE.pdf}; type=application/pdf" \