The SUP API is meant to mirror command-line interactions with the SUP tool. It will only run on the local API server.

You must be super_duper_admin to access the SUP endpoint.


To update the running Crossbar system with this endpoint, issue the following sup command:

sup crossbar_maintenance start_module cb_sup

If you want this endpoint to load by default, modify the crossbar doc in the system_config database, and add cb_sup to the autoload_modules list.

URL mapping#

Remember that SUP commands follow the format of:

sup module_maintenace function [arg1, arg2,...]

The Crossbar URL is similarly constructed:


The important differences are:

  • No need to specify the _maintenance portion of the module
  • function is optional and defaults to status/0 if not supplied
Command line Crossbar
sup kazoo_maintenance syslog_level debug curl /v1/sup/kazoo/syslog_level/debug

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