Notification Publisher

To publish a notification reliably to teletype you can use kapps_notify_publisher.

kapps_notify_publisher is wrapper around kz_amqp_worker and kapi_notifications, which publish notification using kz_amqp_worker:call_collect/4, so it waits for response from teletype application (or depreacted notify app) to send back whether or not it sends the notifications. Upon recieiving a timeout or error from teletype, the notification payload will be saved in a pending_notifications database to retry to publish later by kz_notify_resender task in Tasks app.


All configuration are in system_config/notify.

should_presist_for_retry and notify_presist_exceptions settings can be set in account level as well.

Key Description Type Default
notify_presist_enabled Enabled presistence of publish notifications faliure globally boolean true
notify_presist_exceptions List of notification types have to be ignored to presist if they failed to publish array ["system_alert"]
notify_presist_temprorary_force_exceptions List of notification types have to be ignored temprorary globally to presist if they failed to publish array []
notify_publisher_timeout_ms Timeout in milliseconds when publishing notification using notify publisher integer 10000
should_presist_for_retry Enabled presist of failed to publish notifications for account/system boolean true

Enabling/Disabling presisting notification payload

There are two confguration to control whether or not to presist notfication payload when it failed to published.

  • notify_presist_enabled is global settings, can be utilized in occasions which you want intentionally disable persistence globally
  • should_presist_for_retry is account level, if you want to disable presistence for a sepific account

Disable presistence for specific type of notifications

Some notification are noisy (like deregister, register) and some are can be ignore if they didn't published, some are both noisy and can be ignore (system_alert).

To control which notification type should be excluded to presist, use these settings:

  • notify_presist_temprorary_force_exceptions: can be set in system_config/notify, useful if you want permanently disable or temprorly ignore some notification type (e.g. you know phone are losing regidtration and don't want recieve their notifications temproray until the issue is resovled)
  • notify_presist_exceptions: can be set both in account level and system level, same as above but for allows to control this for a specific account

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