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Kazoo Attachments#

This application is meant to be used with storage plans.

How to create a new attachment handler?#

So you want to improve this app? That's wonderful!

Well, you just need to make sure the new attachment handler implements the gen_attachment behaviour so they must have two callbacks:

  • put_attachment/6

    • Settings::gen_attachment:settings(): Storage connection settings.
    • DbName::gen_attachment:db_name(): Database name where the attachment's parent document is stored.
    • DocId::gen_attachment:doc_id(): ID of the document to which the attachment will belong to.
    • AName::gen_attachment:att_name(): Attachment's file name.
    • Contents::gen_attachment:contents(): Attachment's content.
    • Options::gen_attachment:options(): Can be use to send metadata and/or attachment's description.
  • fetch_attachment/4

    • HandlerProps::gen_attachment:handler_props(): Attachment information like id and/or path (location) within the storage service.
    • DbName::gen_attachment:db_name(): Same as for put_attachment
    • DocId::gen_attachment:doc_id(): Same as for put_attachment
    • AName::gen_attachment:att_name(): Same as for put_attachment

Anyway, if you found yourself in trouble when implementing it, check the existing attachment handlers code and you should get a clue about how to do it yourself too.