Kazoo OAuth Integration#


Kazoo can be configured to use third-party resources such as authentication, storage, etc.

Kazoo as a OAuth Client#

  1. Create the oauth consumer in the third-party system (google, microsoft, salesforce, ...).
  2. Register the consumer in kazoo.
  3. Use kz_auth_client to obtain a token to use the third-party resources

Using Google Drive for voicemails#

  1. Create a new Project in https://console.developers.google.com
  2. Create Credentials in API Manager 2.1 OAuth client id of type web server 2.2 Add the MONSTER-UI url (protocol+domain) to allowed origin and callback 2.3 Add the Google Drive API to the project 2.4 Gather client id, client secret
  3. Register the client_id in kazoo 3.1 sup kazoo_auth_maintenance register_auth_app {MASTER_ACCOUNT} {CLIENT_ID} {CLIENT_SECRET} google
  4. Edit index.html in the example dir 4.1 change YOUR_CLIENT_ID and WEB_URL 4.2 navigate to WEB_URL 4.3 click authorize 4.4 gather code : xxxx 4.5 call kazoo api /v2/auth/callback { "data": { "client_id" : {CLIENT_ID}, "redirect_uri" : {WEB_URL}, "code" : {CODE}, "provider" : "google" } }

    4.6 grab the token returned and use the page to decode it 4.7 grab auth_id 4.8 use the auth_idto configure your data_plan

attachments "5fa1f134417927ae200fb12879acec71": { "handler": "google_drive", "name": "mydrive", "settings": { "oauth_doc_id": {AUTH_ID} } }

plan "modb": { "types": { "mailbox_message": { "attachments": { "handler": "5fa1f134417927ae200fb12879acec71", "params": { "folder_name": "kazoo" }, "stub": true } }

4.9 leave a voicemail

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