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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

Caller ID Privacy#


It's possible to restrict the presentation some or full part of Caller ID on calls. If a call (either inbound or outbound or local) has privacy flags, "anonymous" and "0000000000" would be shown as Caller ID Name and Caller ID Number respectively.

Kazoo has a default Feature Code "*67" which can be use for making a call with privacy flags set, please read documentation for cf_privacy to learn how to use and configure this feature.

The system config parameter system_config/privacy/privacy_mode can be use to configure which parts of Caller ID should be anonymize if privacy flags are set for a Call. This is especially is important for Outbound Calls, if your carrier is expecting known Caller IDs and they honor privacy flags when they're routing calls to third party carriers or final destination.

WARNING: allowing to pass Caller IDs as is should only applied to carriers which you TRUST since it will expose caller's identity.

Configuring Privacy System wide and/or in Account level#

Note: system config privacy_mode property is different from Callflow Privacy module's privacy_mode!

Possible privacy_mode values:

kazoo : anonymize both CIDName and CIDNumber

hide_name : anonymize CIDName only

hide_number : anonymize CIDNumber only

sip : not anonymize Caller ID, they would be passed as is

Configuring Privacy on Resource#

privacy_mode can be defined on resource root document and/or per gateway. Values are same as system wide config.

Optionally check for anonymity in Caller ID Name and Caller ID Number#

Some carrier systems, when using Caller ID Blocking, present the call using a non-standard format, instead of using flags to indicate privacy, some carriers set specific strings in the the Caller ID Name and Caller ID Number values. To ensure these calls are able to be blocked, the anonymous_cid_names and anonymous_cid_numbers configuration parameters allow for matching and blocking of these non-standard patterns.

This setting only impact how the anonymous call rejection feature is applied to inbound calls. The list of numbers or names in the anonymous_cid_names and anonymous_cid_numbers lists are compared to the Caller-Id-Name and Caller-Id-Number fields of the kazoo call. This enables the rejection of calls which use non-standard patterns, but must be used carefully as any call which matches these rules will be blocked.

check_additional_anonymous_cid_names enables enforcement of the configured anonymous_cid_names in anonymous call rejection.

check_additional_anonymous_cid_numbers enables enforcement of the configured anonymous_cid_numbers in anonymous call rejection.