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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

Kazoo Voicemail#

This library is for accessing and managing all voicemail messages in the system.

Starting with Kazoo 4.0 all new voicemail messages goes into MODB. All Kazoo Administrators need to migrate voicemail messages from Kazoo version 3.22 to MODB to be able to have access to voicemail messages prior to update. The SUP command kazoo_voicemail_maintenance exists to do this transition.

Caution: Kazoo 4.0 assumes you migrated all voicemail messages to MODB, and it's only using MODBs for accessing and managing messages. If you did not do the migration users can not access to their messages.

Additionally, the voicemail Crossbar API will no longer returns the messages array when fetching voicemail box settings.

Messages in MODB#

Voicemails used to be stored in the same location as configuration settings. Accounts older than 12 months would often get too big, thus this became a design issue. Voicemails have now been redesigned so that the messages are stored in a monthly database that can be purged later.

All messages store in MODBs with their document id in the YYYYMM-{32_random_character} format.

Migrate Messages to MODB Process#

Simply moving all messages alongside their media recording to MODBs have huge impact on the system, especially if for bigger systems with thousands of messages in each account or mailbox.

For making this transition easy and without any side effect, Kazoo voicemail is just making a new document with each message's metadata and store them in the MODB of each account. The MODB is determined base on time stamp (when the message left) of the message.

All media recording attachments (documents with type private_media) remain in account DB, and can be moved to message their counterpart documents in MODBs at later time. Each moved message documents contain necessary information for how to access their attachments from the account DB(soft attachment) if their attachment is not migrated.

Kazoo Data Manager would fetch the actual media attachment from account DB if the message attachment is a soft attachment. This process is seamless from users and are handled entirely by Kazoo data layer.

System Config Settings#

Key Description Type Default Required
voicemail.delete_after_notify Move the voicemail to delete folder after the notification has been sent boolean() false false
voicemail.extension Default media file format for voicemail audio file string() mp3 false
voicemail.force_require_pin If true, ignore the setting on the voicemail box and require all users to enter a pin boolean() false false
voicemail.max_box_number_length Maximum length of voicemail box number integer() 15 false
voicemail.max_login_attempts Maximum login attempts to voicemail box integer() 3 false
voicemail.max_message_count Maximum number of voicemail messages a mailbox can hold integer() 100 false
voicemail.max_message_length Maximum message length in seconds integer() 500 false
voicemail.max_pin_length Maximum pin number length for mailbox integer() 6 false
voicemail.message_retention_duration How many days back are searched when listing voicemails integer() 93 false
voicemail.migrate_interaccount_delay_ms Control wait time between processing each account in each iteration integer() 2000 false
voicemail.migrate_max_bulk_insert Number of messages should each migration worker reads and write in each cycle integer() 2000 false
voicemail.migrate_max_worker Maximum number of workers when migrating voicemail messages to MODB integer() 10 false
voicemail.min_message_size Minimum message length in milliseconds a voicemail message must be to consider it to save in database integer() 500 false
voicemail.save_after_notify Move the voicemail to save folder after the notification has been sent (This setting will override delete_after_notify) boolean() false false
voicemail.vm_message_forward_type Enable or disable the ability to prepend a message when forwarding a voicemail message string() only_forward false

Retention Duration#

There is a new configuration parameter, message_retention_duration, that specifies how many days back are searched when listing voicemails, default value is 93 days (3 months). Messages older than this value will not accessible through API and mail box, but they are still exists in monthly databases and can be purged later by system administrator.