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Call Recording

Call Recording#

About Call Recording#

Setting up call recording allows you to have a permanent record of a conversation that took place.

Configuring Call Recording#

Call recording can be enabled in a number of ways:

  • At the account level
  • At the user level
  • At the device level
  • Explicitly as a callflow action

Call recording also requires you to have a web server capable of receiving an HTTP PUT request with the contents of the recording. You are then free to save the recording in a way that meets your needs.

Account, User, or Device#

Configuring recording at the account level means all calls, inbound and outbound, to this account will start the call recording system.

Configuring recording at the user level starts recording for any calls to/from a device owned by that user.

Configuring recording at the device level starts recording for any calls to/from the device.

To enable call recording, add "record_call":{...} to the document of choice. For example, if you have a user with user ID of {USER_ID}, you can patch the user's document using Crossbar:

curl -v -X PATCH \
    -H "X-Auth-Token: {AUTH_TOKEN}" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"data":{
    }}' \

If successful, all calls to/from this user will be recorded. See the callflow action table below for all the fields.

Callflow action - Record Call#

You can enable call recording on a per-callflow basis by using the record_call callflow action. The callflow action can take the following parameters:

Key Description Type Default Required
action Toggle whether to start or stop a recording string('start', 'stop') true
format Disk Format to write the recording string('mp3', 'wav') false
record_min_sec Minimal record time, in seconds, to store recordings integer false
record_on_answer Whether to delay starting the recording until the call is answered boolean false
record_sample_rate Sampling rate of the recording, in Hz integer false
time_limit Limit, in seconds, of how long to record the call integer false
url What URL to use as a base for where to send the recording after it finishes (stores locally if not included) string false
Callflow action - Record Caller#

The record_caller callflow action is meant for recording things like voicemails or IVR prompts. The schema for the callflow action is:

Key Description Type Default Required
format What format to store the recording on disk string('mp3', 'wav') false
method What HTTP method to use when sending the recording string('put', 'post') false
time_limit Time limit, in seconds, for the recording integer 3600 false
url The URL to use when sending the recording for storage (stores locally if not included) string false