Gulp Command

gulp - Build Monster UI


gulp            [--pro=<name>]
gulp build-dev  [--pro=<name>]
gulp build-prod [--pro=<name>]


Start running tasks to build the project for a development or production environment, the result of which is located in the dist folder, at the root level of the project.


  • gulp

    Compile SCSS to CSS, launch Web server (browsersync) and serve project at http://localhost:3000/, include a CSS watcher that make changes immediate in the browser (livereload), UI reloads automatically on file save.

  • gulp build-dev

Only compile SCSS to CSS.

  • gulp build-prod

Compile SCSS to CSS, merge all templates in a single templates.js file, run require, minify main.js and templates.js and minify CSS files.


  • --pro=<name>

Some applications might have a pro version. If that is the case and you want to build it with the 'pro' assets, you need to set the pro option and specify the name of the application.

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