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Key Description Type Default Required
phoneNumber E.164 formatted phone number. String true

Return value#

A String representation of the phone number user-friendly formatted.


The monster.util.formatPhoneNumber() method is used to easily format phone numbers.

To better understand why a returned number has the format it has, here's an explanation: in Monster there are settings in Control Center for users and accounts to select what preferred formatting should be used.

To better understand we'll use an example with a US phone number: 415-222-3333. The available preferences are the following:

  • International, would format the number to: +1 415 222 3333
  • National, would format the number to: (415) 222-3333

Then users can select whether they want to display International for all numbers, and add an exception for a list of countries. For instance you could want to display US phone numbers in their national way, but display all numbers from other countries in the international format.


Format phone number#

var phoneNumber = '+14151234567';
var formattedPhoneNumber = monster.util.formatPhoneNumber(phoneNumber);

// possible outputs:
// - '+1 415 123 4567': International, used by default
// - '(415) 123-4567': National, based on the preferred user format