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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

Crossbar Maintenance Functions#

SUP-able functions#

Function Arguments Description
allow_account_number_additions/1 (AccountId) Allows the account to add its own numbers
app/1 (AppNameOrId) Fetch and print an App's metadata
apps/0 Fetch and print all known Apps' metadata
create_account/4 (AccountName,Realm,Username,Password) Create an account - typically used for the master account
db_init/0 Updates system schemas using files in Crossbar `priv' folder during startup
demote_account/1 (AccountId) Remove superduper_admin status from the account
descendants_count/0 Reconciles all accounts' descendant count
descendants_count/1 (AccountId) Reconciles an account's descendant count
disable_account/1 (AccountId) Marks an account as disabled
disallow_account_number_additions/1 (AccountId) Remove ability for account to add its own numbers
does_schema_exist/1 (Schema) Checks that a given schema (and any referenced schemas) exist
enable_account/1 (AccountId) Marks an account as enabled
find_account_by_id/1 (Id) Given an ID, print a summary of the account
find_account_by_name/1 (Name) Given an account name, search for and print a summary of the account with that name
find_account_by_number/1 (Number) Given a phone number, search for and print a summary of the account that owns the number
find_account_by_realm/1 (Realm) Given an SIP realm, search for and print a summary of the account with that realm
flush/0 Flushes the cached system_config/crossbar document and crossbar's local cache
init_app/1 (AppPath) AppPath is the filesystem path to the app's metadata/app.json
init_app/2 (AppPath,AppUrl) Initializes (or updates) the app to use the AppUrl for API requests
init_apps/1 (AppsPath) AppsPath is the filesystem path to a directory of apps (which each have a metadata/app.json file
init_apps/2 (AppsPath,AppUrl) Initializes (or updates) the apps to use the AppUrl for API requests
migrate/0 Applies any data migrations needed between versions of KAZOO
migrate_account_data/1 (Account) Performs just the account-specific migrations necessary on the Account
migrate_accounts_data/0 Performs just the account-specific migrations necessary on all accounts
move_account/2 (Account,ToAccount) Moves Account to be a child of ToAccount
promote_account/1 (AccountId) Add the superduper_admin status to the account
refresh/0 Deprecated: use kapps_maintenance refresh instead
refresh/1 (Value) Deprecated: use kapps_maintenance refresh Value instead
refresh_app/1 (AppPath) Updates app's metadata
refresh_app/2 (AppPath,AppUrl) Updates app's metadata and API URL
refresh_apps/1 (AppsPath) Updates all apps' metadata
refresh_apps/2 (AppsPath,AppUrl) Updates all apps' metadata and API URL
register_views/0 Registers Crossbar's CouchDB views into the system_data database
running_modules/0 Lists the currently running API endpoints
set_app_description/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's description metadata
set_app_extended_description/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's extended description metadata
set_app_features/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's features metadata. 1features must be @-separated if more than one is supplied.
set_app_field/3 (AppId,Field,Value) Updates the app's metadata with Field => Value
set_app_icon/2 (AppId,PathToPNGIcon) Updates the app's icon
set_app_label/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's label metadata
set_app_screenshots/2 (AppId,PathToScreenshotsFolder) Updates the app's screenshot metadata
start_module/1 (Module) Starts an API endpoint and persists it to the startup list
stop_module/1 (Module) Stops and API endpoint and removes it from the startup list
update_schemas/0 Updates the system_schemas database with the on-disk version of the schema