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Crossbar Maintenance Functions#

SUP-able functions#

Function Arguments Description
allow_account_number_additions/1 (AccountId) Allows the account to add its own numbers
app/1 (AppNameOrId) Fetch and print an App's metadata
apps/0 Fetch and print all known Apps' metadata
create_account/4 (AccountName,Realm,Username,Password) Create an account - typically used for the master account
db_init/0 Updates system schemas using files in Crossbar `priv' folder during startup
demote_account/1 (AccountId) Remove superduper_admin status from the account
descendants_count/0 Reconciles all accounts' descendant count
descendants_count/1 (AccountId) Reconciles an account's descendant count
disable_account/1 (AccountId) Marks an account as disabled
disallow_account_number_additions/1 (AccountId) Remove ability for account to add its own numbers
does_schema_exist/1 (Schema) Checks that a given schema (and any referenced schemas) exist
enable_account/1 (AccountId) Marks an account as enabled
find_account_by_id/1 (Id) Given an ID, print a summary of the account
find_account_by_name/1 (Name) Given an account name, search for and print a summary of the account with that name
find_account_by_number/1 (Number) Given a phone number, search for and print a summary of the account that owns the number
find_account_by_realm/1 (Realm) Given an SIP realm, search for and print a summary of the account with that realm
flush/0 Flushes the cached system_config/crossbar document and crossbar's local cache
init_app/1 (AppPath) AppPath is the filesystem path to the app's metadata/app.json
init_app/2 (AppPath,AppUrl) Initializes (or updates) the app to use the AppUrl for API requests
init_apps/1 (AppsPath) AppsPath is the filesystem path to a directory of apps (which each have a metadata/app.json file
init_apps/2 (AppsPath,AppUrl) Initializes (or updates) the apps to use the AppUrl for API requests
migrate/0 Applies any data migrations needed between versions of KAZOO
migrate_account_data/1 (Account) Performs just the account-specific migrations necessary on the Account
migrate_accounts_data/0 Performs just the account-specific migrations necessary on all accounts
move_account/2 (Account,ToAccount) Moves Account to be a child of ToAccount
promote_account/1 (AccountId) Add the superduper_admin status to the account
refresh/0 Deprecated: use kapps_maintenance refresh instead
refresh/1 (Value) Deprecated: use kapps_maintenance refresh Value instead
refresh_app/1 (AppPath) Updates app's metadata
refresh_app/2 (AppPath,AppUrl) Updates app's metadata and API URL
refresh_apps/1 (AppsPath) Updates all apps' metadata
refresh_apps/2 (AppsPath,AppUrl) Updates all apps' metadata and API URL
register_views/0 Registers Crossbar's CouchDB views into the system_data database
running_modules/0 Lists the currently running API endpoints
set_app_description/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's description metadata
set_app_extended_description/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's extended description metadata
set_app_features/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's features metadata. 1features must be @-separated if more than one is supplied.
set_app_field/3 (AppId,Field,Value) Updates the app's metadata with Field => Value
set_app_icon/2 (AppId,PathToPNGIcon) Updates the app's icon
set_app_label/2 (AppId,Value) Updates the app's label metadata
set_app_screenshots/2 (AppId,PathToScreenshotsFolder) Updates the app's screenshot metadata
start_module/1 (Module) Starts an API endpoint and persists it to the startup list
stop_module/1 (Module) Stops and API endpoint and removes it from the startup list
update_schemas/0 Updates the system_schemas database with the on-disk version of the schema