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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

System configuration options in ecallmgr#

Schema for ecallmgr system_config

Key Description Type Default Required Support Level
acl_request_timeout_fudge_ms ecallmgr acl_request_timeout_fudge_ms integer() 100 false
acl_request_timeout_ms ecallmgr acl_request_timeout_ms integer() 2000 false
acls ecallmgr acls object() {} false
allow_endless_recording ecallmgr allow_endless_recording boolean() false false
authz_default_action ecallmgr authz default action string() deny false
authz_dry_run ecallmgr authz dry run boolean() false false
authz_enabled ecallmgr authz enabled boolean() false false
authz_local_resources ecallmgr authz local resources boolean() false false
balance_crawler_cycle_ms ecallmgr balance crawler cycle in milliseconds integer() 60000 false
balance_crawler_enabled ecallmgr balance crawler enabled boolean() false false
balance_crawler_fetch_timeout_ms ecallmgr balance crawler fetch timeout in milliseconds integer() 10000 false
balance_crawler_interaccount_delay_ms ecallmgr balance crawler interaccount delay in milliseconds integer() 10 false
call_routing_bindings.[] string() false
call_routing_bindings ecallmgr call routing bindings array(string()) ["context_2"] false
capabilities ecallmgr capabilities array(object()) ["{"capability":"conference","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_conference"}", "{"capability":"channel_move","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_channel_move"}", "{"capability":"http_cache","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_http_cache"}", "{"capability":"dialplan","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_dptools"}", "{"capability":"sip","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_sofia"}", "{"capability":"fax","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_spandsp"}", "{"capability":"tts","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_flite"}", "{"capability":"freetdm","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_freetdm"}", "{"capability":"skype","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_skypopen"}", "{"capability":"xmpp","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_dingaling"}", "{"capability":"skinny","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_skinny"}", "{"capability":"sms","is_loaded":false,"module":"mod_sms"}"] false
debug_channel ecallmgr debug channel boolean() false false
default_fax_extension ecallmgr default fax extension string() .tiff false
default_realm ecallmgr default realm string() false
default_recording_extension ecallmgr default recording extension string() .mp3 false
default_ringback ecallmgr default ringback string() %(2000,4000,440,480) false
event_stream_idle_alert ecallmgr event stream idle alert integer() 0 false
expandable_macros macros that will be expanded at call-time, for use in custom SIP headers object() {"{reseller_id}":"${ecallmgr_Reseller-ID}","{caller_id_number}":"${caller_id_number}","{caller_id_name}":"${caller_id_name}","{billing_id}":"${ecallmgr_Billing-ID}","{account_id}":"${ecallmgr_Account-ID}"} false
expires_deviation_time ecallmgr expires deviation time integer() 180 false
failover_when_all_unreg failover only when all devices are offline boolean() false false
fax_file_path ecallmgr fax file path string() /tmp/ false
fetch_timeout ecallmgr fetch timeout integer() 2600 false
freeswitch_context ecallmgr freeswitch context string() context_2 false
fs_cmds ecallmgr fs cmds array(object()) ["{"load":"mod_sofia"}", "{"reloadacl":""}"] false
fs_cmds_wait_ms ecallmgr fs cmds wait in milliseconds integer() 5000 false
fs_node_uptime_s ecallmgr fs node uptime in seconds integer() 600 false
fs_nodes.[] string() false
fs_nodes ecallmgr fs nodes array(string()) [] false
fs_profiles ecallmgr fs profiles object() {} false
fs_reconnect_cmds ecallmgr fs reconnect cmds array(object()) false
gateways ecallmgr gateways object() {} false
insert_fetched_registration_locally ecallmgr insert fetched registration locally boolean() false false
max_channel_cleanup_timeout_ms ecallmgr maximum channel cleanup timeout in milliseconds integer() 60000 false
max_channel_uptime_s ecallmgr maximum channel uptime in seconds integer() 0 false
max_timeout_for_node_restart ecallmgr maximum timeout for node restart integer() 10000 false
multivar_separator ecallmgr multivar_separator string() ~ false
network_map ecallmgr network map object() {} false
node_commands false
node_down_grace_period ecallmgr node down grace period integer() 10000 false
process_gateways ecallmgr process gateways boolean() false false
publish_channel_reconnect ecallmgr publish channel reconnect boolean() false false
publish_channel_state ecallmgr publish channel state boolean() true false
publish_conference_event.[] string() false
publish_conference_event ecallmgr publish conference event array(string()) ["conference-create", "conference-destroy", "lock", "unlock", "add-member", "del-member", "stop-talking", "start-talking", "mute-member", "unmute-member", "deaf-member", "undeaf-member"] false
record_sample_rate ecallmgr record sample rate integer() 8000 false
record_stereo_sample_rate ecallmgr record stereo sample rate integer() 16000 false
record_waste_resources ecallmgr record waste resources boolean() false false
recording_file_path ecallmgr recording file path string() /tmp/ false
recording_software_name ecallmgr recording software name string() 2600Hz, Inc.'s Kazoo false
redirect_via_proxy ecallmgr redirect via proxy boolean() true false
restrict_channel_state_publisher ecallmgr restrict channel state publisher boolean() false false
sanitize_fs_value_regex ecallmgr sanitize_fs_value_regex string() [^0-9\w\s-] false
should_detect_inband_dtmf ecallmgr should detect inband dtmf boolean() false false
sofia_conf ecallmgr sofia conf boolean() false
tcp_packet_type ecallmgr tcp packet type integer() 2 false
text_routing_bindings.[] string() false
text_routing_bindings ecallmgr text routing bindings array(string()) ["context_2"] false
use_bypass_media_after_bridge ecallmgr use bypass media after bridge boolean() false false
use_http_cache ecallmgr use http cache boolean() true false
use_shout ecallmgr use shout boolean() false false
use_vlc ecallmgr use vlc boolean() false false
user_cache_time_in_ms ecallmgr user cache time in in milliseconds integer() 3600000 false


When a list of endpoints is passed to ecallmgr for bridging (say via a ring group or a user's owned devices), the listing can optionally include failover endpoints to be dialed if a user's normal devices are offline.

When this flag is enabled, the provided SIP endpoints are checked for active registrations; if no SIP endpoints remain after filtering those endpoints missing registrations, the failover endpoint(s) are used instead.

User callflow#

When a user has one or more SIP endpoints and has also configured failover (by setting "call_forward.failover":true plus the call forwarding details), a bridge command will be sent to ecallmgr with the SIP device(s) and the failover endpoint. When ecallmgr goes to build the bridge string for FreeSWITCH, the SIP endpoint statuses will be checked; if all SIP endpoints are missing registrations, the failover endpoint will be used. If any SIP endpoint is registered, the failover endpoint is omitted from the bridge string.

Ring Group callflow#

When KAZOO builds a ring group endpoint list, it resolves all group and user IDs into their owned device IDs. That list of endpoints is then sent to ecallmgr for bridging.

This means that if any SIP device from the resulting endpoint list has an active registration, all failover endpoints will be filtered out and not dialed. So if a user has no online SIP endpoints and has failover configured, their failover endpoint will not ring if any other SIP endpoint in the ring group is actively registered.

"Normal" call forwarded endpoints#

If a user or ring group has "normal" call-forwarded endpoints included, since these endpoints don't maintain a registration (since they typically are forwarded to another DID), then they aren't ever "offline" from KAZOO's perspective. Bear this in mind when failover endpoints aren't ringing when SIP endpoints are unregistered.