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Ledger Rollover Task#

The ledger rollover task, at the start of the month, walks the accounts and rolls over their ledger amount from the previous month to the new MODB.

There is also a task to refresh the primary ledgers view, totals_by_source, to make sure the index isn't too far behind when the monthly rollover task occurs.


Rollover sums up the ledgers of the previous month's MODB and creates a new ledger in the now-current MODB for that amount.

Set tasks.ledger_rollover's rollover_in_parallel to control how many accounts to roll over at a time.


Refresh the view index for the ledgers/totals_by_source view to process any docs.

For reference, running the rollover on an unindexed MODB with 12,000 docs (318 of which are ledger docs) took ~6 seconds. Running the same view on an up-to-date index took 70 milliseconds. Similar to CDRs, this is a good one to enable.

Set tasks.ledger_rollover's refresh_view_enabled to true to enable the job (performed daily).

Set tasks.ledger_rollover's refresh_in_parallel to control how many MODBs to refresh at a time.