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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.


Most operators will be interested in whether emails are sending or not.

See Receipts#

#> sup teletype_maintenance receipts
  |                                Call or Msg ID | Receipt                                       | To                             | From                           | Time
1 |              40c4bcd636a9539f2a4dc2673958e378 | Queued as 9EDEB840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-32-48
2 |              560a2618f1d6def1444b455bc7a50f9f | Queued as E0338840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-32-49
3 |              19a56c7f364f9e0a49b93a4f1dbc843a | Queued as 75362840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-49-08
4 |              ca6d835975d41d54411af94ea3ad0d30 | Queued as 34930840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-51-12

If the relay is a postfix running locally, grep /var/log/mail.log (or equivalent) for the receipt ID.

Start a Teletype Module#

Running sup teletype_maintenance start_module {MODULE_NAME} will start the specified teletype module. If this is not already in autoload_modules then it will be added.

Stop a Teletype Module#

Running sup teletype_maintenance stop_module {MODULE_NAME} will unbind the specified teletype module from notification events. This has the effect of disabling the module. If the module is in autoload_modules then it will be removed.

Restore System Templates#

Running this command will restore system templates to the original/initial state by reading templates from the file system.

Restoring All Templates#
sup teletype_maintenance restore_system_templates
Restoring a Specific Template#
sup teletype_maintenance restore_system_templates {TEMPLATE_NAME}

Remove Account's Template Customization#

Removes the customization made to an account.

Remove All Account's Customizations#
sup teletype_maintenance remove_customization {ACCOUNT_ID}
Remove a Specific Account's Customization#
sup teletype_maintenance remove_customization {ACCOUNT_ID} {TEMPLATE_NAME}

Force System's Templates on an Account#

Will force system default templates to an account by removing all customization on the account and copying system's templates to the account's DB.

Force All System's Templates#
sup teletype_maintenance force_system_default {ACCOUNT_ID}
Force a Specific System's Template#
sup teletype_maintenance force_system_default {ACCOUNT_ID} {TEMPLATE_NAME}