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Most operators will be interested in whether emails are sending or not.

See Receipts#

#> sup teletype_maintenance receipts
  |                                Call or Msg ID | Receipt                                       | To                             | From                           | Time
1 |              40c4bcd636a9539f2a4dc2673958e378 | Queued as 9EDEB840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-32-48
2 |              560a2618f1d6def1444b455bc7a50f9f | Queued as E0338840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-32-49
3 |              19a56c7f364f9e0a49b93a4f1dbc843a | Queued as 75362840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-49-08
4 |              ca6d835975d41d54411af94ea3ad0d30 | Queued as 34930840B11                         | recipient@recipient.tld        | no_reply@kazoo.tld             | 2015-01-16_23-51-12

If the relay is a postfix running locally, grep /var/log/mail.log (or equivalent) for the receipt ID.

Start a Teletype Module#

Running sup teletype_maintenance start_module {MODULE_NAME} will start the specified teletype module. If this is not already in autoload_modules then it will be added.

Stop a Teletype Module#

Running sup teletype_maintenance stop_module {MODULE_NAME} will unbind the specified teletype module from notification events. This has the effect of disabling the module. If the module is in autoload_modules then it will be removed.

Restore System Templates#

Running this command will restore system templates to the original/initial state by reading templates from the file system.

Restoring All Templates#
sup teletype_maintenance restore_system_templates
Restoring a Specific Template#
sup teletype_maintenance restore_system_templates {TEMPLATE_NAME}

Remove Account's Template Customization#

Removes the customization made to an account.

Remove All Account's Customizations#
sup teletype_maintenance remove_customization {ACCOUNT_ID}
Remove a Specific Account's Customization#
sup teletype_maintenance remove_customization {ACCOUNT_ID} {TEMPLATE_NAME}

Force System's Templates on an Account#

Will force system default templates to an account by removing all customization on the account and copying system's templates to the account's DB.

Force All System's Templates#
sup teletype_maintenance force_system_default {ACCOUNT_ID}
Force a Specific System's Template#
sup teletype_maintenance force_system_default {ACCOUNT_ID} {TEMPLATE_NAME}