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See what hooks are active#

This will display all hooks, or only hooks for the account provided, that are currently being processed.

sup webhooks_maintenance hooks_configured [{ACCOUNT_ID}]
| URI                                           | VERB  | EVENT                | RETRIES    | ACCOUNT ID                       |
| http://dev.null/calls/new.php                 | post  | CHANNEL_CREATE       | 3          | {ACCOUNT_ID}                     |
| http://dev.null/calls/done.php                | post  | CHANNEL_DESTROY      | 3          | {ACCOUNT_ID}                     |

Protect against abuse#

Set the Failure Expiry Timeout#

Webhooks will track how many times a given hook has failed to fire to the configured URI. This expiry determines how long webhooks holds onto the failure before considering it irrelevant. The number of failures over a given time period will determine if a hook is auto-disabled.

  • System-wide: sup webhooks_maintenance set_failure_expiry {MILLISECONDS}
  • Account-specific: sup webhooks_maintenance set_failure_expiry {ACCOUNT_ID} {MILLISECONDS}

Set the Auto-Disable Threshold#

Set how many failures are considered too many and auto-disable a hook.

  • System-wide: sup webhooks_maintenance set_disable_threshold {COUNT}
  • Account-specific: sup webhooks_maintenance set_disable_threshold {ACCOUNT_ID} {COUNT}

How it works#

Once you've set the expiry and threshold, webhooks will check every expiry milliseconds for hook failure counts. If any hooks have a count over threshold, they will be auto-disabled.

For instance, using the defaults of expiry = 60000 (one minute) and threshold = 6, if a hook fails to fire to the configured URI 6 times or more in the last minute, it will be auto-disabled until an API request to set "enabled" to true is performed.

Monitor the situation#

You can see the current failure counts for each hook:

sup webhooks_maintenance failure_status [{ACCOUNT_ID}]
| -------------------------------- | -------------------------------- | ----- |
| Account                          | Hook                             | Count |
| {ACCOUNT_ID}                     | {HOOK_ID}                        |     4 |
| -------------------------------- | -------------------------------- | ----- |

Re-enable hooks#

If hooks are disabled in an account due to failures, an admin can bulk-update the hooks to be enabled again.

sup webhooks_maintenance enable_account_hooks {ACCOUNT_ID}

Similarly, enable all hooks for an account and its descendants:

sup webhooks_maintenance enable_descendant_hooks {ACCOUNT_ID}

Note: this will only enable those hooks which have been auto-disabled by the system, not manually disabled via API.

Flush failure counts#

Webhooks tracks the number of times a hook fails to be sent, auto-disabling the hook after a threshold is hit. You can reset those failure counts:

sup webhooks_maintenance flush_account_failures {ACCOUNT_ID}
sup webhooks_maintenance flush_hook_failures {ACCOUNT_ID} {HOOK_ID}