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Kazoo maintenance

SUP-able functions#

Function Arguments Description
console_level/1 (Level) Set the console (Erlang VM's console) log level
crash/0 Creates a debug dump file and halts the VM
debug_dump/0 Created a debug dump file in /tmp/{NODE}_{TIMESTAMP}
error_level/1 (Level) Set the error log file's log level
ets_info/0 Prints information about the system's ETS tables
gc_all/0 Garbage collects all running processes (500ms pause between each proc)
gc_pids/1 (Ps) Garbage collect a list of PIDs
gc_top_mem_consumers/0 Garbage collect the top 10 memory consuming PIDs
gc_top_mem_consumers/1 (N) Garbage collect the top N memory consuming PIDs
hotload/1 (Module) Hotload a the corresponding {MODULE}.beam file
hotload_app/1 (App) Hotload all listed modules in the {APP}.app
mem_info/0 Prints information about memory usage in the VM
syslog_level/1 (Level) Set the syslog log level
top_mem_consumers/0 Print the top 10 memory consuming processes
top_mem_consumers/1 (Len) Print the top N memory consuming processes