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Kz fixturedb maintenance

SUP-able functions#

Function Arguments Description
db_to_disk/1 (Database)
db_to_disk/2 (Database,FilterFun)
new_connection/1 (Map)


Let's say you need account db 9c2e035c8559b175e58146f6a31a3e67 to persist to FixtureDB. kz_fixturedb_maintenance:db_to_disk(<<"9c2e035c8559b175e58146f6a31a3e67">>). will write all the JSON objects in the database to disk. If you want to be selective on which documents to persist, kz_fixturedb_maintenance:db_to_disk(<<"account%2F9c%2F2e%2F035c8559b175e58146f6a31a3e67">>, FilterFun). will do the job. FilterFun is a function of arity-1 that takes the document as an argument and returns a boolean() for whether to persist the document.

dummy_plan/0 and new_connection/0,1#

Sometimes you're in fixture_shell (using make fixture_shell) and you don't want care about starting kazoo_data and kazoo_fixturedb and want just to grab some docs using kazoo_fixturedb directly. In this case instead you can use these functions to get dummy plan and connection.