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Knm rename carrier


The kazoo number manager rename_carrier module can be used to change a number's carrier module.

Only admins can use this feature, otherwise an exception is thrown.

It is a "one time" feature in the sense that once renaming is done, the feature is removed from the number's document.

The value for the "carrier_name" field is a carrier name without the KNM prefix.


  • "bandwidth2"
  • "telnyx"
  • "local"

Inputs that do not map to a KNM carrier module will fail the request with invalid.

Enabling the feature#

Admins that want to be able to use this feature should add "carrier_name" to the list of allowed features for the system, their reseller account, a sub account or even a specific number.

For example:

    "features": {
        "allow": [