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Telnyx Carrier Module#



Configuring number manager#

To enable KAZOO to use the telnyx module you will first need to update the number_manager document in the system_config database.

In the configuration section that applies to your crossbar servers (or the default) add "knm_telnyx" to the carrier_modules parameter.

For example:

       "carrier_modules": [

Configuring the telnyx module#

   "_id": "number_manager.telnyx",
   "_rev": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX",
   "default": {
       "debug": "true",
       "enable_provisioning": "true",
       "monthly_recurring_cost": "1",
       "sandbox_provisioning": "true",
       "should_filter_rates": "false",
       "should_keep_best_effort": "false",
       "token": "pasteyourtoken here",
       "upfront_cost": "false",
       "user": "emailaddress here"


Only set debug to true if u want to debug, creates a telnyx debug file on your server /tmp

Kazoo defaults to area codes with a minimum length of 3 numbers, and its done in the database schemas, so if you search for numbers with fewer digits, it will give an error.

One workaround is to set the area code minLength property to 1 in find_numbers.json in crossbar/priv/couchdb/schemas on your server and then run sup crossbar_maintenance update_schemas to persist it to the db.