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Knm voip innovations

Kazoo Number Manager VoIP Innovations#

The kazoo number manager VoIP Innovations module can be used to integrate Kazoo with

Configuring number manager#

To enable kazoo number manager to use the VoIP Innovations module you will need to first update the number_manager document in the system_config database.

In the configuration section that applies to your crossbar servers (or the default) add "knm_voip_innovations" to the carrier_modules parameter.

For example:

       "carrier_modules": [

Configuring the VoIP Innovations module#

Once the module is enabled in number manager the first requests to it will generate a new configuration document called "number_manager.voip_innovations" in the system_config database.

This document has the following parameters.

  • login: your VoIP Innovations login (string).
  • password: your VoIP Innovations secret (string).
  • endpoint_group: a usable endpoint group tied to your VoIP Innovations account (integer as a string).
  • debug: when set to true, requests & responses will be written to /tmp/voipinnovations.xml (for developers).
  • sandbox_provisioning: when set to true, provisioning of numbers only target VoIP Innovations' sandbox environment.
  • enable_provisioning: when set to false, API calls will not reach VoIP Innovations but will return an error instead.


   "_id": "number_manager.voip_innovations",
   "default": {
       "login": "XXXXX",
       "password": "YYYYY",
       "endpoint_group": "ZZZZZZ",
       "debug": false,
       "sandbox_provisioning": false,
       "enable_provisioning": true

Tollfree Support#

VoIP Innovations does not allow to provision tollfree DIDs.