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knm_voxbone integration#



Configuring number manager#

To enable kazoo number manager to use the voxbone module you will need to first update the number_manager document in the system_config database.

In the configuration section that applies to your crossbar servers (or the default) add "knm_voxbone" to the carrier_modules parameter.

For example:

       "carrier_modules": [

The voxbone integration requires making multiple requests to the customer portal so you experience search timeouts you may want to tune the number_search_timeout_ms value in number_manager document as well.

    "number_search_timeout_ms": 10000,

Configuring the voxbone module#

    "default": {
        "username": "{USERNAME}",
        "password": "{PASSWORD}",
        "api_key": "{API KEY}",
        "environment": "production | sandbox | beta",
        "page_size": 20
    "pvt_type": "config",
    "pvt_account_id": "system_config",
    "pvt_account_db": "system_config"




Interacts with the production Voxbone platform. Uses Basic Authentication.


Intended for simulating ordering and address verification specifically. You can test ordering without being charged and the sandbox resets and resyncs to your production data each night.

Beta(Coming Soon)#

Intended for new and upcoming functionality on Voxbone platform. APIs coming soon are : Emergency Service Activation, Number Porting, real-time CDRs. These endpoints use key based authentication.


BaseURL = https://{ENVIRONMENT_URI}/ws-voxbone/services/rest/

  • Production -
  • Sandbox -
  • Beta -

Sample Request#

curl -u username:password -H "Content-type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" ""

Error Codes#

HTTP Error Codes#

voxbone rate limits to 20 req/s by IP Address and will return one of the following codes on limit:

  • 509 - Bandwidth Exceeded
  • 429 - Too Many Requests