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About Queue Webhooks#

Kazoo queues support sending notification webhooks when certain events occur. HTTP notifications can be sent either as GET or POST.

Notification after Pickup/Notification on Hangup#

GET /your_endpoint POST /your_endpoint

Query string/POST body fields:

Key Type Description
account_id string() Account ID of the queue call
agent_id string() ID of the agent whom was assigned to the call
agent_call_id string() ID of the call leg for the agent whom was assigned to the call
call_state string('pickup' | 'hangup') Identifies the event type
caller_id_name string() Caller ID name of the queue caller
caller_id_number string() Caller ID number of the queue caller
member_call_id string() ID of the call (the original call in case of a callback)
now integer() Gregorian timestamp of the time the event was sent
queue_id string() ID of the queue the call is in
    "account_id": "{ACCOUNT_ID}",
    "agent_id": "{AGENT_ID}",
    "agent_call_id": "{AGENT_CALL_ID}",
    "call_state": "pickup",
    "caller_id_name": "{CID_NAME}",
    "caller_id_number": "{CID_NUMBER}",
    "member_call_id": "{MEMBER_CALL_ID}",
    "queue_id": "{QUEUE_ID}"