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KAZOO Support Channels

This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.



About Queue Webhooks#

Kazoo queues support sending notification webhooks when certain events occur. HTTP notifications can be sent either as GET or POST.

Notification after Pickup/Notification on Hangup#

GET /your_endpoint POST /your_endpoint

Query string/POST body fields:

Key Type Description
account_id string() Account ID of the queue call
agent_id string() ID of the agent whom was assigned to the call
agent_call_id string() ID of the call leg for the agent whom was assigned to the call
call_state string('pickup' | 'hangup') Identifies the event type
caller_id_name string() Caller ID name of the queue caller
caller_id_number string() Caller ID number of the queue caller
member_call_id string() ID of the call (the original call in case of a callback)
now integer() Gregorian timestamp of the time the event was sent
queue_id string() ID of the queue the call is in
    "account_id": "{ACCOUNT_ID}",
    "agent_id": "{AGENT_ID}",
    "agent_call_id": "{AGENT_CALL_ID}",
    "call_state": "pickup",
    "caller_id_name": "{CID_NAME}",
    "caller_id_number": "{CID_NUMBER}",
    "member_call_id": "{MEMBER_CALL_ID}",
    "queue_id": "{QUEUE_ID}"