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Current Subscriptions#

List the current subscriptions tracked by:

  • Across the omnipresence app:

    sup omnipresence_maintenance current_subscriptions
  • Across a SIP Realm:

    sup omnipresence_maintenance current_subscriptions SipRealm
  • For a specific SIP Username:

    sup omnipresence_maintenance current_subscriptions SipRealm SipUsername


Send a test subscription and receive the current state (subscription will time out after 1 second):

sup omnipresence_maintenance subscribe SipRealm SipUsername

Send MWI Update#

Update the MWI for a SIP device:

sup omnipresence_maintenance send_mwi_update NewMessages WaitingMessages
  • NewMessages: integer
  • WaitingMessages: integer

List Cached Terminated Call IDs#

Omnipresence caches call-ids when they terminate, to avoid publishing a delayed ringing/answered event and confusing all the things. This function allows an admin to view the currently cached Call IDs:

sup omnipresence_maintenance list_terminated_callids`