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Unit- and Property-based testing in Kazoo#

Unit Testing#

Kazoo uses EUnit for the majority of unit testing. Running make eunit from the root or within an Erlang application directory will run the tests of the project or app respectively. Modules will be cover-compiled as well, generating a cover report that can be viewed in a browser.


If you are using Emacs (and you should be) you can serve the cover directory by making sure you have the simple-httpd package installed, then run httpd-start followed by httpd-serve-directory to chose the cover directory of choice.

Property Testing#

Kazoo uses PropEr for doing property-based testing.

Function call tracing#

It can be helpful, when testing, to trace the function calls made (and their arguments). The dbg module provides nice trace functionality but can be a bit arcane to get working.

In kazoo_stdlib/include/kazoo_dbg.hrl there are now macros to make it easy to trace calls in modules, module:function, or module:function/arity.

For instance:

%% To trace all function calls made in the 'my_module' module:
some_test() ->
    Result = my_module:do_stuff(),

Do note that the dbg module has many other ways to trace; the macros currently just cover a basic, often-used one.

Do note as well that these should not be used in production code.