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This documentation is curated by 2600Hz as part of the KAZOO open source project. Join our community forums here for peer support. Only features in the space are included as part of our 2600Hz Support Services plan.

Ananke Callback features#

This application originate calls on various events


When this event is received the following fields are checked

  • notify.callback.number in corresponding vmbox
  • or voicemail.notify.callback.number in vmbox owner's document

to get a number.

Also the following fields are checked

  • notify.callback.disabled in vmbox
  • voicemail.notify.callback.disabled in vmbox owner's document

If number was determined and notifications are not disabled, the call is being originated. The second leg is voicemail check callflow number.

To determinate callbacks schedule following fields are checked

  • notify.callback.schedule in vmbox
  • voicemail.notify.callback.schedule in vmbox owner's document
  • voicemail.notify.callback.schedule in account document

schedule should be array of intervals (in seconds) between callback attempts.

If schedule is not found a call will determine schedule from attempts and interval_s values. In this case call will be attempted attempts times every interval_s seconds.

Call timeout can be adjasted by modifying timeout_s option.

These parameters can be set in (first one that's set wins).

  • attempts
    • notify.callback.attempts in vmbox
    • voicemail.notify.callback.attempts in vmbox owner's document
    • voicemail.notify.callback.attempts in account's document
    • voicemail.notify.callback.attempts in ananke's system config (default 5)
  • interval_s
    • notify.callback.interval_s in vmbox
    • voicemail.notify.callback.interval_s in vmbox owner's document
    • voicemail.notify.callback.interval_s in account's document
    • voicemail.notify.callback.interval_s in ananke's system config (default 300)
  • timeout_s
    • notify.callback.timeout_s in vmbox
    • voicemail.notify.callback.timeout_s in vmbox owner's document
    • voicemail.notify.callback.timeout_s in account's document
    • voicemail.notify.callback.timeout_s in ananke's system config (default 20)

Note: for automatic mailbox number detection single_mailbox_login=true must be set in voicemail callflow module and user should use only one voice mailbox.

Note: options voicemail.notify.callback.disabled = true in vmbox owner's document and notify.callback.disabled = false in vmbox will allow callback notification.

How it works (brief version): - after checking conditions (checking if called party is not disabled) we look for voicemail checking callflow. - after that it checks that there are no notifications planned for this vmbox yet - if there are planned notifications, nothing is done - if not - the call is planned after given timeout - if call attempt was successful - there will be no further notifications - if call was not answered/was not successul and number of tries doesn't exceed limit, the next call is planned

cron events#

You may add schedules array to ananke system config.

WARNING: all times in UTC.

The item mandatory properties:

  • type - strategy to run task, should be one of once | periodic | every (see below)
  • action - task description (see below)

Strategy types#

once - task will be runned once at specified time#

Optional properties:

  • second at what second run task (default is 0)
  • minute at what minute run task (dafault is 0)
  • hour at what hour run task (default is 0)
  • day at what day run task (default is 1)
  • month at what day run task (default is 1)
  • year at which year run task (default is 1970)

periodic - task will be runned repeatedly#

Optional properties:

  • seconds default is 0
  • minutes default is 0
  • hours default is 0
  • days default is 0

All properties will be converted to seconds. Running task period will be total sum.

every - task will be runned when time will satisfy conditions. It's like unix cron#

Optional properties:

  • minutes - all or array of minutes, default all
  • hours - all or array of hours, default all
  • month_days - all or array of month days, default all
  • monthes - all or array of monthes, default all
  • weekdays - all or array of weekdays (0 - 6, 0 is Sunday), default all

Task action format#

Mandatory property: * type - currently only check_voicemail is supported

Action check_voicemail#

When task of this type will be runned it will check voicemail box for unread messages. If any is found, then application will do the same thing as in voicemail_saved event.

Mandatory properties: * account_id * vmbox_id

Cron event example#

"schedules": [
        "type": "every",
        "minutes": [23,24,25],
        "hours": [9],
        "month_days": "all",
        "monthes": "all",
        "weekdays": [1,2,3,4,5],
        "action": {
            "type": "check_voicemail",
            "account_id": "72fabca989b3102c28482c60070aac5b",
            "vmbox_id": "b2f1c691e3e733f52c7c8b4b621289bc"
        "type": "once",
        "minute": 30,
        "hour": 2,
        "day": 1,
        "month": 1,
        "year": 2016,
        "action": {
            "type": "check_voicemail",
            "account_id": "72fabca989b3102c28482c60070aac5b",
            "vmbox_id": "b2f1c691e3e733f52c7c8b4b621289bc"
        "type": "periodic",
        "seconds": 3,
        "minutes": 30,
        "hours": 2,
        "days": 1,
        "action": {
            "type": "check_voicemail",
            "account_id": "72fabca989b3102c28482c60070aac5b",
            "vmbox_id": "b2f1c691e3e733f52c7c8b4b621289bc"