The record_call callflow enables you to record the audio of the call (typically between two or more callers).

Mandatory fields

action - Must be set to start or stop.

Optional fields

time_limit - Limit, in seconds, of how long to record the call. If ommited get value from system_config/media/max_recording_time_limit. Default 3600. format - Format to write the recording. Set mp3 or wav. If ommited get value from system_config/media/call_recording/extension. Default mp3. record_on_answer - Whether to delay starting the recording until the call is answered. Default false. record_sample_rate - Sampling rate of the recording, in Hz. If ommited get value from system_config/ecallmgr/record_sample_rate. Default 8000. record_min_sec - Minimal record time, in seconds, to store recordings. If the recording time is less than this value, FreeSwitch will discard recorded file. If ommited get value from system_config/media/record_min_sec. Default 0. url - See Storage of recordings section.

Storage of recordings

If you supply a URL in the data portion of the callflow, Kazoo will send an HTTP PUT with the recording to the URL when the recording has finished.

If you omit the URL, there are a couple options for storage:

  • Check system_config/media for the store_recordings boolean()
    • If false, no storage will occur
    • If true, check system_config/media for third_party_bigcouch_host
      • If undefined, store to the Kazoo BigCouch cluster
      • If defined, send the recording to the configured URL

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